Maison Impressionniste Claude Monet
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Claude Monet’s Impressionist House in Argenteuil

Monet's period in Argenteuil is often considered as one of the most productive and influential of his career, giving credits to many iconic works that helped define the Impressionist movement. The house, with its lush garden and proximity to the Seine, provided Monet with an inexhaustible source of inspiration, traces of which are still visible in his paintings today.

Maison Impressionniste Claude Monet

A house full of history

Located on the banks of the Seine near Argenteuil, discover the place where one of the founders of Impressionism, Claude Monet, lived from 1871 to 1878.

Recognizable by its green shutters, this house inspired Claude Monet and friends such as Edouard Manet and Pierre Auguste Renoir to create a number of emblematic works that can be seen around the world today.

Over the course of 7 years, Claude Monet painted more than 256 works in this house, no fewer than 156 of which took the town of Argenteuil as their subject. Surrounding the house, you'll find a lush garden faithful to the gardens Monet often depicted in his paintings. A real haven of peace if you fancy a walk.

More than a Museum

Now transformed into a museum, the Impressionist house invites visitors to a unique discovery of the works and legacy of Claude Monet.

Much more than just a museum, visiting the house offers a truly immersive experience as you explore the different rooms. Come and discover a faithful reconstruction of his studio right through to his living rooms, each of which tells a story and offers a unique perspective on his daily life.

The Impressionist House holds numerous documents enabling visitors to understand the daily life of the famous painter, and offers visitors an innovative scenography using digital devices to bring Claude Monet's paintings to life.

Maison Impressionniste Claude Monet

A dynamic cultural center

In addition to its permanent collection, the Impressionist House often organizes temporary exhibitions, offering visitors the chance to discover artists who exhibit a selection of their works, highlighting other Impressionist artists and themes linked to this artistic movement.

To enrich visitors' experience, a variety of activities and workshops are offered to help them understand the importance Argenteuil had on the Impressionist movement and the lives of its artists.

Furthermore, conferences and concerts are also on the program.