Photo d'une famille faisant du vélo près du champ de blé aux corbeaux peint par le peintre Vincent Van Gogh à Auvers sur Oise, avec un panneau explicatif au premier plan
Anthony Guerra


‘From the village of Impressionism Auvers-sur-Oise to La Roche Guyon and its ancient castle, Ecouen and its Renaissance splendour, Enghien-les-Bains, the only spa resort in the Paris region, and the two regional natural parks (Le Vexin Français and Oise Pays de France), every destination has its own unique appeal.’

Visiting the Val d’Oise, one can’t help but ADMIRE its incredible cultural, architectural and artistic heritage. It has been a land of inspiration both for writers such as Jean-Jacques ROUSSEAU and François MAURIAC and for painters, including Vincent van GOGH, Camille PISSARRO, Claude MONET and François-Charles DAUBIGNY, all of whom have left behind traces of their genius here. And the artistic tradition of the Val d’Oise is alive and well today with its buzzing theatre and music (Baroque, jazz, contemporary and rock) scene, every season bringing with it an exciting programme of festivals and cultural events.

 The Val d’Oise is also an ideal region for a BREATH OF FRESH AIR. Nature reigns supreme here in the form of two wonderfully preserved regional natural parks (Le Vexin Français and Oise Pays de France). A great deal of energy also goes into the upkeep of the attractive public and private gardens, and a myriad of events throughout the year enable visitors to enjoy the region’s natural charms to the full.

 And amid all these new experiences, you also need time to RELAX! Whether you want to indulge in your favourite sporting, creative, or recreational pursuits, or simply recharge your batteries, the Val d’Oise provides you with perfect setting to make the most of very moment. Our expert team is always on hand to help you to explore the region’s treasures.

We have also produced a ‘Land of Experiences’ guide designed to help you navigate your way around the Val d’Oise. Download it and embark on your voyage of discovery today!