France, région Île de France, Val d'Oise (95), l'Isle-Adam, le Pavillon Chinois dans le Parc de Cassan // France, Ile de France region, Val d'Oise department, Isle-Adam, thePavillon Chinois in Cassan Park
L'Isle-Adam, the Golden Age

L’Isle-Adam : Balzac’s heaven on earth

Once a favorite destination for wealthy Parisians looking to get away from it all for a few days, L'Isle Adam has retained its peaceful, leafy atmosphere just an hour by train from Paris, to the point where it is now considered as one of “the most pleasant town in France”.

Charm and curiosity are waiting for you in L'Isle Adam

A village developed in ancient times, L'Isle Adam has stood the test of time, thanks to some great historical figures who wanted to turn the town into a little Versailles. The painters Fragonard and Dupré, and the writer Balzac, left their mark here.

Today, the charm of the old days still accompanies visitors.

Under fine weather, enjoy a swim at the Isle Adam fluvial beach, with its 19th-century cabins. Every summer, the town also organizes cruises on the river to discover the town “as seen from the Oise”.

The city's finest architectural curiosity awaits you in the "Parc de Cassan" : an outstanding Chinese pavilion dating back to the Age of Enlightenment, still fascinating visitors after all this time.

An unforgettable stay on the water

L'Isle Adam's program includes a wellness break combining relaxation and more or less sporty walks.

Start wandering around, on foot or by boat, along the banks of the Oise River, home to swans, ducks and moorhens. You'll also come across a number of romantic statues.

Have a seat or a cup of tea in one of the wonderful restaurants along the river, offering you a most poetic setting.

Then visit the Museum of Art & History Louis Senlecq, or take the whole family on a tour of the town through the various rallies on offer at the Tourist Office.

France, région Île de France, Val d'Oise (95), l'Isle-Adam, Centre d'Art J.H. LArtigue, Musée d'Art et d'Histoire Louis Senlecq // France, Ile de France region, Val d'Oise department, Isle-Adam, J.H. Lartigue art center, Louis SenlecqArt and History Museum

Impressionism in l'Isle-Adam

It was in the Oise valley that Dupré found his inspiration and characteristic elements: the trees representing the huge forest, the water in the image of the Oise River and the cloudy skies.

Jules Dupré was to be one of the key figures influencing the young Impressionist painters. And many artists attracted by the Oise valley settled here to capture this ephemeral nature and share the “fleeting vision” of these landscapes on their canvases.

By the way, you can discover some of these works at the Museum of Art & History Louis-Senlecq, where you'll find a collection based on the town's prestigious past.

To find out more, the Isle-Adam tourist office offers guided tours and commented cruises on this specific theme.