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La Roche-Guyon, a medieval place

La Roche-Guyon : an Historic village

One hour from Paris, between Vétheuil and Giverny, La Roche-Guyon exhibits the impressive silhouette of its medieval castle to every visitor.

From the banks of the Seine Valley, which it dominates, to the top of the chalk cliff on which it has been there for over 1,000 years, the imposing edifice seems to watch over the village. With its charming little streets and remarkable natural surroundings, La Roche-Guyon is the only certified “most beautiful village in France” in the Paris region.

The Caslte of La Roche-Guyon : A thousand years of history !

From the very first glance, it's the medieval castle and its dungeon that catch the eye of all visitors. Built into the limestone cliffs, the fortress has marked the Vexin landscape for centuries.

Beyond the castle gates, you'll walk in the footsteps of over 1,000 years of history: from medieval wars to the Age of Enlightenment, from the Impressionists to the La Rochefoucauld family estate, via the Nazi occupation in 1944...

And it's from the dungeon that the incredible panorama of the village and the meandering Seine surprises the visitor!

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A walk through one of “France's most beautiful village

Down below, each of the village's old streets is full of surprises and charm.

A specific heritage trail allows you to discover the village's treasures, such as the seigniorial covered market, the sculpted fountain and the famous “boves” or troglodytes, cavities dug into the rock...

This path takes you back to the Seine, through the narrow streets to the magnificent vegetable garden and French-style gardens. Created in 1741 and restored in 2004, this is a true testament to the 18th century and the use of nature at that time.

Bordering the Seine, the village is now accessible by boat, following the recent installation of a river stop.

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The Castle of La Roche-Guyon is the most emblematic of the Vexin region, but it's not the only one. If you're a heritage enthusiast, the castle of Ambleville and Villarceaux possess such magnificent gardens that they've earned the special distinction of “remarkable gardens”.