Blé et coquelicots dans le PNR du Vexin français

A preserved nature near Paris

Located in the northeast of the Ile-de-France region, at the gateways of Normandy and Picardy, Val d’Oise is a land of striking, unsuspected and amazing contrasts. Besides, who would believe that Val d’Oise consists of two regional nature parks, three national forests and chalk cliffs overlooking the Seine?

The Regional Nature Parks:

Two regional national parks (PNR) are located in Val d’Oise: The National Regional Park of Vexin Français to the west and the National Regional Park of Oise - Pays de France to the northeast.

Through their charter, these regional nature parks are aimed to control the evolution of their territory and meet the following issues:

  • The preservation and long-term management of their natural, cultural, landscape and historical heritage.
  • The promotion of an economic development respectful of the environment and heritage.
  • The development of tourism based on nature and culture while making people aware of its environment and heritage.

Vexin français Regional Nature Park

Oise-Pays de France Regional Nature Park

Rich and varied landscapes

Here, man has adapted to a rough and rugged landscape shaped by the Oise and Seine and has preserved his environment.

The unsuspected vastness of this natural area is shown through nearly 5,000 hectares of national forests, 66,000 hectares of land for the regional nature park of Vexin Français, around 20,000 hectares for the regional nature park of Oise-Pays de France (over 60,000 hectares covering 44 towns of the Oise department and 15 for the Val d’Oise department).

The rural traditions are still there. These places have been the sources of inspiration of the greatest painters such as Van Gogh, Pissaro and Monet. The greatest films have been shot there and lovers of outdoor leisure activities have found marked footpaths and trails to indulge in their hobbies.

The Val d’Oise general council has given careful attention to the preservation of this exceptional natural environment, faced with potential pressure from Paris. On top of a preservation policy, the general council of Val d’Oise stresses the importance of natural and environmental public awareness programmes.

The environmental approach of General Council

Don’t wait any longer! Val d’ Oise is a true and authentic new destination to discover!

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Hiking in Oise-Pays de France Regional Nature Park
Hiking in Oise-Pays de France Regional Nature Park

Oise-Pays de France Regional Nature Park
Oise-Pays de France Regional Nature Park