Van Gogh Picture
Van Gogh Picture

Following the footsteps of painters, writers and artists

Literature, painting, sculpture…as many enchanting words…

Let yourselves succumb to the charm of the landscapes, colours, and tunes of the Val d’Oise just as Vincent Van Gogh, Charles-François Daubigny, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Camille Pissaro, Georges Braque did. Come and follow the great artists’ footsteps.

From artists to museums

From Vincent Van Gogh to Jean-Jacques Rousseau, from Jean Gabin to Mistinguett, numerous artists and writers have left their mark on the Val d’Oise touristic landscape.
There are so many museums and memorable places to be visited.

The museums

Wandering artists and memorable places

By settling in the Val d’Oise, artists have immortalized places which have now been transformed. You can feel the places by individual discovery or with guided tours.

In Auvers-sur-Oise, come and discover the places where Van Gogh’s last masterworks were painted, especially ‘the wheat field with ravens’. In Montmorency, come and live Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s thrilling moments of his life. In Mériel, enjoy some moments of Jean Gabin’s. With or without guided tours you will have the opportunity to discover some key moments of the men and women who lived there.

Visits of towns