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Val d’Oise is one of the departments counting some of the greatest horse riding schools in France.
Everywhere, you will be able to spot a riding school complex, riders in motion, a horse van on a peaceful country road, or still, a paddock where superb horses are galloping.

The Horse riding departmental committee of Val d’ Oise (CDEVO) strives to ensure that local horse riding practices meet the expectations of an increasing number of riders.(Third National Federation).

Horse riding has been part of the Val d’ Oise landscape for centuries.

The Departmental Touristic Horse Riding Committee of Val d’Oise (CDTEVO) participates actively in the standardization of horse riding in the department as a true agent for setting up the horse riding touristic policy.

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Quality horse riding centres open their doors to the general public. Feel free to check information in the Pony and Horse guide of 2011-2012.

List of all the riding schools in Val d’ Oise

From the simple ride in the numerous forests in Val d’ Oise to the permanent ride enabling the complete crossing of the county in three days, it thus allows you to discover a department where protected châteaux, Cistercian abbeys, churches and typical preserved Val d’ Oise habitats stand along the way.

Riding touristic program 2011-2012

As the County of the Horse, Val d’ Oise also welcomes many competitions taking place every year in various fields especially at the Enghien-Soisy-sous-Montmorency racetrack for some of them.

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Horse riding tourism