Be adventurous while hiking on trails
GR1, 2 and 11!

With the assets of two Regional Nature Parks, Val d’ Oise offers 18,500 marked hiking trails in unsuspected and amazing natural settings for all walkers whether families, amateurs, or experts.
Green valleys of the Seine and Oise with contrasting limestone hills, national forests, typical stone, clay, and plaster Val d’ Oise dwellings, and prestigious monuments such as châteaux, abbeys, and churches can easily be visited on foot.

The footpaths

GR1, GR2, GR11 and numerous PR offer ramblers a large choice of itineraries through gorgeous natural sites: Chalk cliffs of La Roche-Guyon, the most beautiful village in France, the natural forests of Montmorency, l’Isle-Adam or Carnelle.
You will discover châteaux such as Auvers-sur-Oise, Ecouen, La Roche-Guyon, Cistercian abbeys such as Royaumont and Maubuisson, typical and well-preserved Val d’ Oise villages such as Guiry-en-Vexin, Wy-dit-Joli-Village, and Luzarches following the footsteps of great artists who have painted Val d’Oise: Van Gogh, Pissarro, Cézanne…

Whether alone or in a group, quality options will enable you to fully organize your hiking stay in Val d’ Oise.

Theme guides and circuits

Discover three theme guides enabling you to discover the riches and masterpieces of unknown Val d’Oise. They are available at the Departmental Committee and the French Federation FFRandonnéeof Hiking.

Hike in Val d’ Oise, in the Natural Park of Vexin Français, in Paris and in the Ile-de-France region with the French Federation of Hiking.

Feeling like a theme circuit? Specific and detailed information is available at the departmental hiking committee.

Feel free to ask for your brochure suited to your fantasy, aspirations and physical ability.

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Contacts :

Tel.: 01 30 35 81 82

Hiking rules

Don’t forget about the following main rules:

  • Be polite at all times
  • Give way to pedestrians if you are a biker
  • Give way to bikers if you are a horseman
  • Be careful during the hunting season
  • Avoid using footpaths in beat areas
  • Access to certain paths, woods or cultivated fields is sometimes limited or forbidden: follow the rules at all times
  • Follow marked paths
  • Close the gates after your passage
  • Keep your dog on a leash as it may frighten animals
  • Respect nature: fauna and flora
  • Bring a dustbin bag, don’t throw rubbish on paths
  • Keep a distance from animals so as not to frighten them
  • Don’t make noise as nature must remain a peaceful place
  • Be well-equipped, use appropriate footwear and clothes
  • Take plenty of food and drink for picnics, and take energy bars
  • Check the length of circuits, their difficulty and the weather forecast in advance
  • Respect your physical ability and avoid hiking alone
Balisage randonnée pédestre
 Balisage randonnée pédestre