Change gears in Val d’Oise!

You will be amazed to see that from family rides to sports rides, Val d’ Oise offers easy access to a peaceful cycling network free from heavy road traffic.

Val d’ Oise natural scenery offers versatile cycling alternatives from peaceful flat roads for families to high steep roads for fitter riders.


The Cycling Departmental Committee offers circuits via organized or touristic rides.  

Cycling departmental committee of Val d'Oise

Read the minutes of the Cycling departmental committee and plan your next ride.

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Circuits and rides

From the simple family ride to the 240 km permanent ride in 4 tours (see the committee website of “Rides in Val d’ Oise”), the Cycling departmental committee helps you discover the county where châteaux, Cistercian abbeys, churches and typical preserved Val d’ Oise habitats may be admired.

Numerous member clubs offer formulas with weekly rides to discover hidden routes and circuits associating quality with a warm atmosphere and friendliness.

The tours of the Vexin” will offer 110 kms of cycling routes in the Regional Nature Park of Vexin Français by 2012/2013.

Safe and marked trails within easy access will be offered to enable you to discover the riches and variety of the Vexinois heritage at your own pace.

Moutain biking

Let’s not forget mountain bikers who will find in Val d’ Oise ideal mountain biking circuits with nerve-racking hills alternating with technical slopes.

You will be able to gather with other mountain biking cyclists at renowned and great meeting points.

The Val d’Oise Trophy society organizes mountain biking events on paths and trails through the forests and the west of Paris all year round. Each event includes a timed sportive ride and discovery rides run in parallel or over specific tours.

The Val d’ Oise trophy has been running for 17 years and has been the greatest mountain bike event in Ile-de-France region.

Moutain biking in Oise- Pays de France Regional Nature Park
Cycling and moutain biking
Moutain biking