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A creation of weblinks on the site is strictly submitted to prior authorization except in the case of indexing by a search engine or electronic directory.

The external links directed are subjects to an agreement between the concerned publishers. However the Comité Départemental du Tourisme et des Loisirs du Val d’ Oise should not be responsible for the contents and the good functioning of the same sites. Internet users remaining free to follow those links or not.

The CDTL of Val d’ Oise has set up a type of reciprocity convention between internet links listing the receivable partners and the technical modes applied in the matter.


The site aims to inform internet users about the diversity of the departmental touristic offer.
Despite the updating, some data may not be entirely updated.
The Comité Départemental du Val d’ Oise is not responsible for any content information in The latter is only communicated under the sole responsibility of various partners.

Protection of personal data and confidentiality

The data communicated by an internet user when asking for information is kept by the Comité du Département du Val d’Oise in conformity with the recommendations in force.

The nominative data is not sold, rented or given to any third party. The collected information undergoes an information technology treatment dedicated to the follow-up of private exchanges between internet users and the collaboration of the Comité Départemental du Val d’ Oise.
Abiding by the law on “computers and freedoms”, voted on 6 January 1978, internet users have the right to access and to modify their own data. If they wish to exert this right and obtain personal data, they may send an e-mail to the Comité Départemental du Val d’ Oise, Immeuble Jacques Lemercier, 5 avenue de la Palette, 95 000 Cergy-Pontoise

Subscription to the newsletter is voluntarily made by the internet user by recording their e –mail address in a zone specific to this effect (mailing-list). It is free and valid until the cancellation of the subscription

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The tools developed by the Comité Départemental du Tourisme et des Loisirs du Val d’Oise or the complementary tools used enable an anonymous analysis of the attendance by theme and content.
No cookie arrangement is used.

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