Accessibility and keyboard surfing

All users do not own a mouse or such pointing systems. Some use a keyboard, alternative keyboards or vocal system to surf between links, activate the controls offorms

If you are one of these users, this page will help you.

In order to help you surf, we have to set up some keyboard short cuts called“access key”
The present common short cuts are as follows:

  • 0 - This page
  • 1 - Back to home page
  • 2 - Search engine
  • 3- Site map
  • 7 - Contact us

The access key can be activated via a key combination which can change according to your environment: exploitation system and surfing for instance

  • Windows Internet Explorer: Press on Alt and on the keys [access key] of the key board at the same time (without using a numeric keypad); then, press on Entry.
  • Windows Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, K-Mele on = press on capital key (shift) and Alt as well as one of the keys [access key] (without using numeric keypad).
  • Windows and Macintosh opera: Esc + shift and [access key] .
  • Macintosh Internet Explorer: Ctrl and [access key]; then Entry.
  • Macintosh Safari, Mozilla, Netcape: Ctrl and, [access key].
  • Linus Firefox: Alt and [access key].