Winscape - Aérokart


This huge game of escapes proposes you an adventure in team.

Have fun in Winscape, with a succession of games of escape immersifs. Choose your route according to your desires (sports, cognitive / sensory or quite gathered). Find the solution collectively to escape you as quickly as possible and gain a maximum of points

The objective is to go out of every room / test as quickly as possible.

1000m ² of surface, until 7m of height with certain places and 11 different rooms.

4 different routes (4 for the adults among whom 3 adapted for the children from 8 years)

From 1:30 am till 2:30 am of activity for a group of 6 people, according to the chosen route(course).

  • Parking
  • Restauration

Adulte : de 25 à 39 € (Winscape: 4 parcours: Brainstorm, Techno & Logic, Fast action et Final training)

Enfant : de 20 à 34 € (Winscape: 3 parcours: Techno & Logic, Fast action et Final training).

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Mercredi de 14h à 22H
Jeudi de 17h à 22H
Vendredi de 17h à 00h
Samedi de 14 à 00h
Dimanche de 13h à 19h

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  • Services : Restaurant
  • Équipements : Bar, Car park