Visite audioguidée "Les chefs d'oeuvre de la Collégiale Saint-Martin de Montmorency"


In the course of 25 audio sequences, we suggest you discovering the Martinmas collegiate church, its stalls and his exceptional stained-glass windows.

Let guide by specialists: master glazier, sculptor ornemaniste, marqueteur, representatives of the Company of History of Morello cherry and responsible for the Tourist office. Two sequences are dedicated to the tactile discovery of an element of the mobiler and the architecture. The route is accessible to the people partially-sighted persons. The average duration of the sequences is 2 mn 30. The longest is the introductory sequence (4 mn). Good visit!


Tarif unique : 2 euros la location de l'audioguide.


Fermeture du 15 janvier au 15 février, du 28 juillet au 17 août et les jours fériés.