Vélocypro proposes a complete range of material of sport and leisure activities for companies and private individuals.

The will of his creator, Zouhir Ben Ali, former high-level sportsman and follower of extreme raid, convinced of the values conveyed by the world of the sport: overtaking of one, humility, respect for others, performance, honesty and commitment.

Closeness Green Avenue Paris London and Loop of Auvers Location about ten bikes are available permanently and more on estimate. Mainly MOUNTAIN BIKE and some HYBRID BIKE .N' do not hesitate to inform you beforehand of their availability. Very soon the fleet will get bigger with electric bikes. Minimal duration of rent: the half-day. Maximum duration: 3 years (a fleet of new bikes without heavy investment of departure, with the guarantee of a regular maintenance, it is also possible. Discover our formula Long-term rental LLD) Repair You have one or several bikes to be repaired or simply to be maintained, a technician moves with his workshop to make the repairs on the spot. You are a professional, a community or an association. VELOCYPRO can maintain your bikes. Do not hesitate to contact us. Guide You have a project of bike ride, individual, in couple or in family, let us help you concretize him. Visits in groups of the region or within the framework of an activity Team Building we shall propose a personalized solution. Circuits around Auvers-sur-Oise and Butry-sur-Oise, (loop of Auvers borrowing the route Paris-Londre), forest of Morello cherry, L'Isle Adam and around Carnelle .... Sale of bikes for the professionals blows. We move at your home to estimate your needs (ground, use, aestheticism) .Nous let us look for the the most adapted model (type of bike and accessories) .Mise ready of the ready for use park. Sale of bikes for the private individuals Vélocypro works with big French marks. Bikes (bikes city, MOUNTAIN BIKE, bikes routes, bikes electric ....) of high qualities at ultra-competitive prices. But also every type of sporting material, the tennis ball of table in the connected fitness room. Visit our site!


Réparations disponibles toute l'année sur devis et sur rendez-vous.