Enghien-les-Bains © Stéphane Morsli - LS Photo
Stéphane Morsli - LS Photo

Théâtre du Casino Barrière d’Enghien-les-Bains


Doors of mauve velvet, red armchairs and balconies raised by gold, the room of 650 places of the Theater of the Casino, on the exceptional acoustic conditions, lends itself to all the shows: opera, theater, varieties, cabaret, one-man show, official reception …

So every year, it is more than forty very eclectic shows which are scheduled in this prestigious place. Situated by the lake and of the garden of the pink, the Theater of the casino is really one of major cultural places of the city.


Lundi, Mardi, Mercredi, Jeudi, Vendredi, Samedi, Dimanche : de 19h30 à 3h