Parcours des arbres remarquables


The remarkable trees: saint Gratien's botanical heritage

Various sorts mark out the city of saint Gratien and some of them, due to their age, their dimensions, their rarity, their history, even their unusual forms or their very specific curiosity are qualified " as remarkable trees " .Arbres arousing the admiration and the respect, the trees acting on the imagination of youngs and big, they have a big environmental and patrimonial value. The Municipality wished to publish a support referencing these botanical heritage. Specialists botanists or simple nature lovers, you can cross the city, your plan " In the discovery of the remarkable trees " in pocket. Two routes are proposed to you: conifer and broad-leaved trees. For every tree, the characteristics (French name, name Latin, age, shape, sends) are specified to you. Information on the life of the tree, on the plantations and the interview of the tree is also indicated on this support. A playful and educational way of rediscovering the city...


From 01/01 to 31/12/2019, daily.