Musée de l'Outil
Comité départemental du tourisme du Val d'Oise

Musée de l'Outil - Collection Claude et Françoise Pigeard


The Museum of the Tool offers you the the most varied collection of tools and utensils, easy to arrest thanks to the application on tablet made available.

Right in the middle of French Vexin, the Museum of the Tool, surrounded with its fleurissants and prosperous gardens, offers to the visitor a completely bucolic atmosphere.

Of Claude Pigeard's forge in the collection of tools and the most varied utensils, via the vestiges of seaside one Gallo-Roman one, this museum dresses multiple facets where tourists as walkers, children as grandparents, will find material to satisfy their curiosity.

Lovingly enriched and embellished during decades by Claude and Françoise Pigeard, this museum and its gardens are a great case today to welcome any forms of cultural actions which are developed there more and more: theater, musical, choreographic or film performances, residences of artists or writers, photographic exhibitions or works of art.

They also allows to propose workshops, guided tours and animations on themes in correlation with this magic and soothing place.

Every year, the gardens of the Museum of the Tool welcome the works of a visual artist during all the cultural season from May 1st till October 31st.


Free of charge.


From 01/04 to 30/11/2020.
Closed Monday and Tuesday.

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