Musée de l'Absinthe


Trade secrets of the liqueur in its prohibition in 1915, the museum of the Absinthe makes you cross all XIXth century.

Situated just a step from the Inn Ravoux, the Museum of the Absinthe evokes what was the life of coffee at the time of the impressionists.

Objects of the rite, the advertisements, the lithographed posters, the engravings and the paintings plunge you into the company of this "Belle Epoque", where the absinthe is present everywhere. The literary café, reconstituted upstairs, recreates the atmosphere of these places where the mythical Green Fairy is the muse of the artists in the time of the impressionists.

To make discover the importance of the absinthe in the social and cultural life of the XIXth century, the museum presents a unique and authentic collection of objects being a member of the art of entertaining necessary for the rite of consumption. The visit is completed by the exhibition of drawings of press, etchings and paintings on the theme of the absinthe which we called then the Green Fairy.

In the garden of the museum, the constituent aromatic plants of the green Fairy free their aromas and invite in the tasting.

Photography is forbidden.


Adult: 4 to 5 €.

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De 13h30 à 18h00.
Dernière entrée à 17h30.
Du 14 juillet au 15 août : ouverture du mercredi au dimanche, mêmes horaires.
Les groupes sont reçus aussi en semaine sur rendez-vous.

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