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Les trois bars du Casino Barrière


At the heart of gambling machines or games of table ... live privileged moments!

Bar of the Baccarat: in the lounge felted of the Games of Tables, take advantage of a moment of relaxation to taste a delicious cocktail ...

Of Pearl Bar is situated at the heart of the room of 500 gambling machines. This bar opened from 10 o'clock in the morning suggests you having a rough time in a musical and bright atmosphere of delicious cocktails ...

Moments favored to the Bar The Chestnut of the Lounge of the Princes: elegance, modernity, simplicity. The Bar Deprived of the Lounge of the Princes offers you the approval of a felted service and, in season, the access to a magnificent terrace with a view of the lake.


Bar du Baccara : Ouvert de 15h30 à 4h00.
Pearl's Bar : Ouvert de 10h00 à 4h00.
Bar du Salon des Princes : Ouvert de 21h00 à 4h00.