La Ménara


Menara La proposes you typical and traditional cooked dishes main thing: earthenware cooking pot(meat stew), couscous and other oriental cake stores wait for you within our establishment situated at the edge of the Oise.

Our cooking is hand-made, we choose our spices according to meats which we propose you.

Furthermore, we use the traditional oil of argan, worried of reproducing the original flavors of our Moroccan food.

Within a restaurant in the typically Moroccan atmosphere, you can come even to taste our mint tea in our various lounges, offering you a guaranteed disorientation.

  • Restauration
  • Salon de thé / Coffee shop

A la carte : de 4,50 à 22 €

Menu adulte : de 13,50 à 26,50 €.


Ouvert du mardi au dimanche sans interruption de 08h00 à 22h00.
Le dimanche, votre restaurant est fermé à partir de 18h00.

informations complémentaires
  • Type de restauration : Restaurant
  • Catégories : Foreign specialities
  • Nombre maximum de couverts : 80
  • Services : Restaurant, Takeaway/cooked dishes, Tea Room/ Coffee Shop