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Hippodrome d'Enghien-Soisy


Hippodrome d'Enghien-Soisy is for jump racing and trotting. Circuit free tours organized every Sunday behind the scenes of the racecourse. Programs guided tours for groups by reservation.

No need to be a racegoer informed to vibrate and share the passion which reigns in this surrounding wall(speaker) of 44 hectares reserved in race of trot and obstacles. Be allowed win by the pleasure of the bet …

The racecourse has of:

> 20 000 places among which 3000 assizes(conferences) in forum(stand) > A panoramic restaurant " The Panoramic view " > open Playground every day of running (under the responsibility of the parents(relatives)).

Guided tours groups and individual:

Circuits of free visits organized every Sunday to discover the wings of the racecourse (information and departures in the Point Welcome

Information at 3 pm, 16 hours and 17 hours).

For the groups: guided tours in the daytime of running(race) on reservation in 33 ( 0 ) 1 49 10 20 86.


From 01/01 to 31/12/2019.