Fourchette et Manivelle


Journeys and sports stays by bicycle in France French Gastronomy in the honor diverse Stays, seminaries and custom-made Team Building. Near the AVLP, Curl of Vexin.

Guide who plans circuits according to the will of the customers, the comment on the landscape. No cultural visits. Available stay from 2 people. 2 circuits proposed with guides: on 2 days, night and included gastronomic meals. Circuits in Vexin and Yvelines. MOUNTAIN BIKE, HYBRID BIKE, VAE according to the sports condition of the participants All the optional services are possible according to the holiday cottage (as cooking courses, internet, etc.) and of the place of the meals. Possibility of rent of VAE in partnership with BIKOOL. Parking lot conveys on the place of the holiday cottage which is also the place of the departure. Car park Car park secure bike on the scene of break, at night and meal.


From 01/01 to 31/12/2019.