Domaine du Château de la Chasse


The castle of the Hunting, is situated at the heart of the forest of Morello cherry, officially on the Saint valuable municipality, in the limits of three others: Montlignon, Bouffémont and Domont, but physically on an exgrowth taken on the municipality of Montlignon.

It is nowadays an architectural curiosity and carries the tracks of multiple reorganizations undergone during its history.

Nature reserve of the flora and fauna in forest environment, the domain of the castle of the Hunting was the witness of Jean-Jacques Rousseau's walks (1712-1778) and Bernard de Jussieu (1699-1777). It is a property of the National office of the hunting today. The cemetery of the naturalist Louis Augustin Boscquet (1759-1828), nested on a shaded headland, is a commemorative site for all the botanists.


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