Domaine de Villarceaux


Villarceaux establishes a unique set: his 70 hectare park and its two castles (manor house of the XVIth century and castle of the XVIIIth).

Villarceaux exists since XIth century. The castle of bottom dates has been reconstructed and strengthene. There is there today almost nothing:

- A tower of angle called " Tour of the Condemned persons " or Tour St Nicholas' Day with the walls which frame him and the former seigneurial lodging house,

- "Ninon's Manor house" of the XVIth century at the water's edge with its tower and its arched passage,

- The outbuildings which had to frame sa closed court compound of two three small towers on the West.

Conceived by Jean-Baptiste Courtonne, the castle of the top establishes a perfect example of the big houses of holiday resort or reception built in the XVIIth century by the aristocracy or the bourgeoisie. The park received the label " Remarkable Garden " of the Ministry of Culture in 2004. He illustrates the various historic periods which developed the domain. The medieval garden is distant one retort of the monastic garden.

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Ouvert au public du 1er week-end d’avril à l’avant dernier week-end d’octobre*, du mardi au dimanche tous les après-midi sauf le lundi de 14h à 18h, en visites libres ou commentées.

* Dates retenues en raison de l’absence d’éclairage public dans le domaine et sur le parking : le week-end suivant est celui du passage à l’heure d’hiver.

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- du mardi au vendredi à 14h30 et 16h45,
- le samedi à 14H30, 15h15, 16h15,
- le dimanche et jours fériés à 14h30, 15h15, 15h45, 16h15.

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