Comité départemental d'équitation du Val d'Oise


The Departmental Riding Committee of the Val d'Oise (CDEVO) is the decentralized expression of the French Equestrian Federation (FFE), It brings together the 34 disciplines of the FFE, competitions or leisure for a child or adult audience .... See you in the 100 clubs of Val d'Oise.


Outdoor riding, its infrastructures, its practice in the Department:

But the Val d'Oise has an exceptional natural environment, varied and suitable for the practice of horseback riding with the family, or in groups, through groves, valleys and hills.

The Departmental Committee, by its specialists in Equestrian Tourism, has recognized, inventoried and controlled a Departmental Hiking Plan allowing Bonnières sur Seine (or Mantes la Jolie) by Chaussy (Villarceaux site), La Roche Guyon, Marines, Nesles la Valley, to join Asnières on Oise (Abbey of Royaumont), or opposite, and thus to guarantee, with the rhythm of the horse and the trip of yesteryear, the possible complete crossing of the Department and, also, the connection with the neighboring Departments.

This is through a chain of Gites de Groups for horses and Cavaliers 30 kilometers apart, on average, from each other. A variant, from Marines, joins the Oise by Ronquerolles / Chambly and opens a complete crossing of the Val d'Oise for the project of the route '' European d'Artagnan '': The Perray in Yvelines (The Breviaries) - Compiegne ".

The 56 circuits presented by card showing the routes and circuits, accommodation,


(de 01-01-2017 à 31-12-2017)