Collégiale Saint-Martin de Montmorency


The Martinmas collegiate church of Morello cherry is a church of blazing style. Situated on a rocky spur and preceded by a terrace, she dominates the valley of Morello cherry.

The collegiate church is the former funeral chapel of the Lords of Morello cherry. His construction extends over five centuries.

From 1515 till 1530, Guillaume builds the chorus and the first four spans. His son, the supreme commander Anne, finishes the nave and the farm of a simple wall, from 1557 till 1563. In 1687, Oratoriens raises a so ungraceful facade as the architect Lucien Magne is in charge of restoring, from 1891 till 1908, a hall and a bell tower in accordance with the whole building, classified in 1943.

We can admire the former and magnificent stained-glass windows, the real history books of the family of the Morello cherry there.


Free access.


Du 01 avril 2016 au 31 octobre - Ouvert de 8h à 19h.
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