Château et parc de Méry-Sur-Oise


The castle of Méry-sur-Oise is situated on the left bank of the Oise, right in the heart of the city center. Twenty seven hectares of greenery surround him(it).

Mathieu-François Molé (1705-1793), President of the Parliament of Paris, made reshape the castle the Renaissance and transplant the park on the advice, as it is said, of the naturalist Georges-Louis Buffon (1707-1788). Plundered during the Revolution, gardens were reorganized in 1846 by Louis Sulpice Varé (1808-1883). Today property of the municipality, the park of the castle, the twenty seven hectare surface, offers to the public its majestic space out spread around vast ornamental lakes.


Free of charge.


Du 1er octobre au 31 mars: 10h à 17h.
Du 1er avril au 30 septembre: de 10h à 19h.