Boggio painting studio


A former beautiful house and its garden which smells sweetly the impressionism are at present inhabited by his owner Xavier Boggio back-great-nephew of Émile.

The house, the property of the family for more than hundred years, was the house workshop of the painter Émile Boggio from 1910 till 1920.

Xavier Boggio himself painter and sculptor, the day before with passion on this place inspired still "in its juice" where he lives and works surrounded with the original works of his great-uncle. Willing to keep this commemorative site and to make it live by opening him to the public and to the artists, them welcomes you at his home to share you his lifestyle.

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From 25/03 to 29/10/2017

Full price: from 4 €.

From 01/01 to 31/12/2019

Full price: from 4 €.

Free entry for children < 12 years.

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Ouvert le weekend de 14h à 18h30. Pour les groupes sur demande auprès de l'Office de tourisme : 01 30 36 71 81.
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