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Association Aéronautique du Val d'Oise


A day of gliding begins the morning with the exit of gliders and ends the evening when the last glider is sheltered and the doors of sheds are closed.

The ground of Mantises Chérence is an aerodrome exclusively booked for the gliding and situated in the natural reserve of Vexin. 34 gliders are based there, as well as two motorcycle gliders and 2 planes which are intended for the towing of gliders, and winch.

To discover the gliding it is possible to come to make a flight of initiation in two-seater glider.

  • Parking

Adulte : 110 € (Baptême de l'air) - 165 € (journée découverte)

Tous les tarifs disponibles sur le site internet

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Ouvert tous les jours entre 9h et 10h à 20h.
Permanence les lundi, mercredi, jeudi et vendredi de 14h à 18h - le week-end en après-midi.

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