Arnaud Pereira - Artisan mosaïste décorateur
Arnaud Pereira - Artisan mosaïste décorateur

Arnaud Pereira - Mosaïste décorateur


Decorator Mosaïste.

The Restoration, the exhibitions, the creations, the decoration.

Arnaud Pereira installed his workshop in a bove cut in the chalky cliff which goes along the Seine at the exit of Roche-Guyon. These at the same time vast and spectacular premises allow him to develop his activity in the field of the restoration, in the field of the creation, to answer state commissions or to work with the private individuals.

References: Paris (Police headquarters, schools, churches St Joseph, Swimming pool Molitor, Haussmann buildings ...), Versailles (Fountain with flavors of the Garden of the Scents), Barbizon (Route of the Painters), historic monuments, public fountains (Fountain of the Whale), private orders, mosaics of marble, enamels of Venice, molten glasses.

Training: art professions and Fine arts of Paris Olivier of Greenhouses, Estienne school 20 years of experience with decorators, architects, other artists, for private, public orders, creations, restorations, exhibitions.


All year round between 10 AM and 8 PM.