The Laser Game offers a great play area for whole family. Upon entering : foosball, pinball and video games invite you to test your sense of strategy. The Laser Game is the largest airspace fire simulation. Immerse yourself in a scenario where you are the hero. Your mission: to win as many points as possible by touching the chest without pulling on opposing teammates. Equipped with a vest and a high-tech laser gun you go on mission in the midst of a labyrinth of 650sqm ground, completed by 120 sqm mezzanine and 90sqm gateway.

Reception : Francais

  • Individuel tout public (Individuals / Suitable for all)
Opening dates
  • From 01 january 2017 to 31 december 2017

Rates and reservations

Rates, Methods of payment
  • Single all public (1 partie) : 9€
  • Single all public (1 partie traif réduit) : 6.5€


GPS coordinates lat. 49° 1' 4" - long. 2° 9' 5"

Place :
Laser Game
7 bis, Avenue du Général Leclerc, 95480 Pierrelaye Telephone 33 (0)1 39 09 00 33  E-mail Website Facebook :