From 2012, you can set out along this legendary cycle route in the making.
The Avenue Verte london Paris is specially signposted for cyclists between the two great capitals, and you cross the Channel via the Transmanche Newhaven-Dieppe service, landing in Normandy.

On the British side, the Avenue Verte London Paris makes use of the existing National Cycle Network of cycle routes, leading you south out of London, over the North Downs and through Sussex to the South Downs.

On the French side of the Avenue Verte London Paris, you make your way to the French capital via well-signposted small roads and greenways taking you across the following French départements, or counties: Eure, Oise, Val-d'Oise, Yvelines, Hauts-de-Seine and Seine-Saint-Denis.
We now invite you to get on your bike to try out the Avenue Verte London-Paris for yourself!

Discover the different sections and stages of L'Avenue Verte London Paris!

  • L'avenue verte :
  • Greenway London Paris by bike :

Reception : Francais

  • Individuel tout public (Individuals / Suitable for all)


GPS coordinates lat. 49° 1' 30" - long. 2° 3' 2"

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