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From 1757 to 1762 he lived in a little house of Mont-Louis, the current museum Jean-Jacques Rousseau, where he wrote "La Nouvelle Heloise," "L'Emile" and the "Contrat Social". The lifestyle of the writer is output through documents and testimony of the period - temporary exhibitions on the life and work of Rousseau and the eighteenth century and local history, complete the visit. The garden covers the arbor and the "Dungeon", Rousseau's workplace. The "Maison des Commères" next to the museum houses The Rousseau's research library opens to everybody.

The House of Mont-Louis

In april 1756, Jean-Jacques Rousseau fled from Paris, "city of noise, smoke and mud", and settled in Montmorency, in a place called the "Hermitage". In december 1757, the Citizen of Geneva moved to "Le Petit Mont-Louis", where the Jean-Jacques Rousseau Museum is now set.

There, he wrote his most important works: Julie, or the New Héloïse, Letter to d'Alembert on the Theater, Social Contract, Emile, or On Education. The condemnation of Emile caused the philosopher to flee from Mont-Louis on june 9th, 1762.

The garden and the "Turret"

The Museum conjures up an evocation of the little Mont-Louis. In the garden, the "study out of greenery" and the "Turret", have been rehabilitated.

"When I was there I amused myself by adorning the terrace which was already shaded by two rows of young lime trees- I had two more added to them to make a study out of greenery- I had a table and stone benches put there- I surrounded it with lilacs, syringa, honeysuckle."

"This Turret, which ended a terraced path, opened onto the valley and pond of Montmorency It was in this place that I composed my Letter to d'Alembert on the Theater."

The collections

Temporary exhibitions regarding Rousseaus work, the 18th century and the history of Montmorency are regularly organized.

Educational activities

The Museum also offers an important display of educational activities for pupils in elementary forms, with work groups on various themes and guided visits of the place.

Themed visits for secondary school and high school classes are organized as well.

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