Come and paint in a secret and romantic place!

The "Ecouen School of painters" was born in 1847 with the arrival in the village of Pierre-Edouard Frère.He joined another painter, Pancrace Bessa specializing in botanical painting. Influenced by Millet, he will make the town one of the most famous centers of genre painting, that is to say, realistic painting of peasant life. Twenty painters in total come to join him and live permanently in Écouen.
The house where you are welcomed housed Théophile Emmanuel Duverger, one of the most important painters of Ecouen who won several medals at the Paris Salon. This magical place filled with inspiration becomes yours for a day.

"Painting in Ecouen", offers a unique experience only 20 km from Paris: to paint in peace, in a small group (maximum 10 personns ) advised by a hostess, herself a professional painter and descendant of a line of four painters who lived and practiced their art in these places.
Easel, blouses, paper and pencils for sketches and sketches are available to you.
You can buy on-site supplies such as paintings on cardboard, gouache, brushes...

Everything is done for your well-being and tranquility.
From 9:30 am, you will be greeted by the hostess who will install, depending on your desires and the weather in the workshop, in the yard or in the park.
A buffet lunch will be served at 12:30.
A snack at 16:30.
House and park close at 19h.
Meanwhile, it is only you and your creativity.
You are welcome if you want to spend several days with us. Your paintings will be carefully stored so that they can be dried by your return.

Reception : FrançaisAnglais

  • Individuel tout public (Individuals / Suitable for all)
  • (Groups / Adults)
Opening dates
  • From 01 january 2017 to 31 december 2017


Equipments and Services on site
  • Private car park

Rates and reservations

Rates, Methods of payment
  • Single adult (La séance) : 40€
  • Single adult (Formule à la journée par personne) : 90€
  • Single adult (Formule de 12 séances) : 400€


GPS coordinates lat. 49° 1' 7" - long. 2° 22' 56"

Place :
Peindre à Ecouen
2, place Jean Le Vacher, 95440 Écouen Telephone 33 (0)6 60 43 91 12  E-mail Website