For 5 years, the festival continues Trestles programming jokes and commedia dell'arte, develops and maintains cultural action more than ever: educational workshops to better understand a piece of classical to second-level students, internships and artistic meetings, to publicize (and recognizing) the scene of trestles as local theater with a real artistic challenge.

Create in 2007 by the company Theater in Stock, the Festival of Trestles became over time a demonstration(appearance) registered in the cultural landscape of the Urban area(Conglomeration) of Cergy-Pontoise.
Every year, the festival presents for a month, more than about twenty shows(entertainments) on the whole Urban area(Conglomeration) in the direction of the inhabitants of the Urban area(Conglomeration), the department and schools.
It is the work of closeness that, thanks to innovative actions(shares) with the aim of attracting a public having easily no access to the culture, connect(bind) the populations and the territories between them.

Reception : Francais

  • Individuel tout public (Individuals / Suitable for all)
Opening dates
  • From 10 march 2017 to 29 march 2017

Rates and reservations

  • Single all public (Individuel tout public) : From 3€ to; 12€


GPS coordinates lat. 49° 2' 8" - long. 2° 3' 46"

Place :
Divers lieux dans plusieurs villes
95000 Cergy Website

Booking :
Théâtre en Stock
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