Exhibition of the start of the cultural season in Auvers-sur-Oise

The creation stages the artist as a cosmic artist between chaos and cosmos. The work is the raft on which he explores the chaos to extract a new order and new forms. Each artist faces chaos with the means and mediums that his era offers him. The exhibition "Chaosmiques" wants to show how the generation of contemporary artists faces in its own way the aesthetic, physical, social and digital chaos. "Chaosmiques" is a project of two artists, Thomas GUILLEMET and Julian TAULAND living in the city of artists "Van Gogh" and Auvers-sur-Oise and two guest artists, Lorena KALAJA and Frédéric MATHEVET. Using different mediums: performances, paintings, photos, print and digital art, the artists propose to take you to the edges of the sublime chaotic. "Where danger grows, so does that which saves," said the poet Hölderlin.

Reception : Francais

  • Individuel tout public (Individuals / Suitable for all)
Opening dates
  • From 22 march 2018 to 26 april 2018

Rates and reservations

  • Free


GPS coordinates lat. 49° 4' 18" - long. 2° 10' 31"

Place :
Galerie d'Art Contemprain
5 rue du Montcel, 95430 Auvers-sur-Oise Telephone 33 (0)6 68 32 85 31  E-mail Website